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The main results of the TIMMO project are evaluated by five different validators in order to show a broad coverage of the TIMMO approach in the context of the AUTOSAR standard. The main objective of the validation is to prove the applicability of the TIMMO methodology as well as of the individual elements of the Timing Augmented Description Language (TADL).

Each validator implements a real-world application with real-time constraints and other functional and non-functional requirements and covers different aspects of the TIMMO methodology and the TADL. Since TIMMO partners with different roles (tier-1 suppliers, car manufacturers, and tool vendors) jointly participate in the development and elaboration of the validators, they provide an adequate test-bed for the validation of the TIMMO methodology. Different hardware topologies and software configuration are implemented to support the specification of different timing constraints by the TADL. The validators are:

Validator 1: Anti-Lock Braking System (by Volvo Technology)
Validator 2: Steer-by-Wire and Active Damping (by TTTech, University of Paderborn & Symtavision)
Validator 3: Engine Control (by Bosch, ETAS & Symtavision)
Validator 4: Transmission Control (by ZF Friedrichshafen AG & Symtavision)
Validator 5: Cruise Control and Security System (by Continental Automotive)

In parallel, TIMMO concepts are additionally validated by Denso with a vehicle dynamics control application.

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